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Join Lori Lober for her weekly radio talk show that is on at 9pm CST every Tuesday at 1140am on your radio or via the web at We have a great line up of fantastic guest interviews from the people who can help you navigate your personal Journey to Wellness using a wealth of knowledge, experience and a passion for life and living. We hope you’ll join us or if you’ve missed a show, please feel free to click the links below to listen to show recordings.


Holly DeMottI am a Consultant with Isagenix that is a unique nutritional cleansing system designed to achieve better health while cleansing the body of harmful impurities. Isagenix empowers individuals to achieve their dreams with optimum health and weight loss. I enjoy coaching clients to look and feel their best!

Dr Tony O'DonnellIrish-born Tony O'Donnell, CNC., the Herb Doc seen on ABC and CNN News, is a naturopath who was inspired by his father's untimely death from heart disease to devote his life to helping others lead healthier lives. Founder and president of G.W. Health LLC, Tony is the formulator of many leading powdered superfood formulas.

Koach Karl and Paula Keltner As a former Marine, I have run for 30 years. I have been a personal trainer since 1982 and endurance coach since 1999. I am a two-time Badwater Ultramarathon finisher and three-time Ironman Triathlon finisher. Along the way, I have completed 26 ultras and 63 marathons. I am the owner of Athlon Endurance Training, which includes the Runners In Touch Teams. In 2007, I started the Runners In Touch (RIT) Teams. The RIT Endurance Team trains runners and walkers for all distances. RIT Children's Team works with at-risk children throughout the Kansas City community, instilling the values of fitness and healthy eating into young bodies and spirits. To date, I have coached over 2000 endurance athletes to the finish line, be it in running or multisport. Recently, I have been a regular contributor to Endurance Planet and have had numerous articles related to the spirit of endurance sport published. I live in the Kansas City area with my wife, Paula, and children. We dedicate our life to helping those in need and chasing our endurance dreams. Our favorite past time is spent with our family. Our favorite date is a long run together. We debate the terrain--she loves the trails, and I love a challenging urban adventure.

Sandy GreenquistSandy Greenquist has provided OB/GYN and well-woman care in the Twin Citites for over 32 years.  She received her Master of Arts degree and Nurse-Midwifery certification from the U of MN Nurse-Midwifery Program in 1975 and later taught in the program for 12 years.  Sandy began developing her expertise in perimenopause/menopause in 1990 and opened her first Midlife Women's Clinic at that time.  She became known in the community as the Midlife Midwife.  In 2000, she became certified as a menopause clinician and, in 2002, opened The Menopause Center at United Hospital in St. Paul.  After 6 satisfying years there, Sandy decided to take her practice out of the system and into private practice.  On March 3, 2008, The Menopause Center of Minnesota opened with her as its Director.  At the Center, Sandy provides women with education, counseling, resources and guidance in the management of the perimenopause/menopause transition.  Throughout her career, she has lectured to lay and professional audiences on a variety of women's health issues.

Dr Tracy GaudetTracy W. Gaudet, MD, is the Executive Director of Duke Integrative Medicine, and assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina. Under her leadership, Duke Integrative Medicine has opened a state-of-the-art healthcare facility dedicated to the transformation of medicine through the exploration of new models of whole-person health care. Dr. Gaudet also made possible Duke Integrative Medicine's pioneering work on the development of Personalized Healthcare Planning, as well as initiatives in research and medical student and resident education.

Dr. Gaudet joined the faculty at Duke University in November, 2000 and assumed the position of director of Duke Integrative Medicine in April, 2001. She has led Duke Integrative Medicine to the forefront of the field, helping to co-found the Consortium of Academic Heath Centers for Integrative Medicine and chairing the Membership Committee (2002-2004), as well as serving on the Steering, Executive, Education and Policy Committees. Dr. Gaudet actively leads public discourse with members of both the medical and lay communities, presenting talks on integrative medicine, as well as integrative approaches to menopause and other women's health issues.

Prior to her work at Duke, Dr. Gaudet was the founding executive director of Dr. Andrew Weil's University of Arizona Program in Integrative Medicine, helping to design the country's first comprehensive curriculum in this new field and launching a two-year fellowship. The Program's continuing education program offers educational opportunities for the clinician in practice, and has reached more than 4,500 healthcare professionals to date.

Dr. Gaudet is the author of Consciously Female, a book on integrative medicine and women's health, which was published by Bantam Books in 2004. Her most recent book, Body, Soul and Baby, was published by Bantam Books in January, 2007. Dr. Gaudet has been recognzied as a leader in the emerging field of integrative medicine in McCall's, Natural Health, and New Age magazines, as well as the PBS documentary The New Medicine, ABC News 20/20, Oprah!, Arts and Entertainment, and The People's Pharmacy, and professional journals including AM News, Unique Opportunities, and Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine. She writes a monthly column for Body + Soul magazine, and has served on the editorial boards of Clinical Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Integrative Medicine Journal, and Seminars in Integrative Medicine.

Shane HansonDoor to Door Organics is the Kansas City home, office and co-op delivery service of fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and select groceries. Each week of the year we deliver the freshest organic goodies directly to your door at competitive prices. We have close relationships with a number of Missouri farmers and we work around the clock to ensure that we bring you locally grown produce whenever it's available. We always strive to ensure that we bring you the freshest, organic produce from only the most reputable of farms. We focus on local produce when possible because it is fresher, requires less fuel to transport and we get to support our neighbors, making it easier for them to support us. We have chosen to shop locally and we hope that you do the same! Our Mission Our mission is to establish access of nutritious food to every resident of the Kansas City area and beyond. We are working to expand the market for agriculture that enriches the earth and all of us which she supports. We enable people to enjoy healthy lifestyles, and we work to give our farmers the same opportunity.

Jim RhoadesJim Rhoades is the former President and CEO of an international nutritional company. He left that position to work with Isagenix on a full time basis as an independent associate. He is an internationally acclaimed educator, nutritional counselor and motivational trainer. He has written many articles for health publications and is a popular guest on many radio shows. He was invited to speak at a symposium at Harvard Medical School with representatives from over 50 universities on the subject of " The state of nutrition in our foods today and why we need nutritional supplements." He is a former member of the Isagenix Field Advisory Board and is the recipient of the 2007 Spirit of Isagenix Award. He has a gift for making complicated subjects seem simple. He has helped thousands of people in their quest for freedom and a better life style.

Moira Mulhern, PhDWith a PhD in Community Health Psychology, Moira has devoted more than 18 years to providing support, awareness, and education for people with cancer, HIV/AIDS, and other chronic illnesses. She has extensive experience designing and implementing stress management, support and training programs for local hospitals and companies. She is a sought-after lecturer on issues related to the management of stress and chronic illness.

Contact Information Email: Turning Point: The Center for Hope and Healing 8900 State Line Road, Suite 240, Shawnee Mission, KS 66206-1936 Phone: (913) 383-8700 Fax: (913) 383-2882 Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm and Friday 8am-12pm

Shane Freels Education • 1994-1996 Pre-Med at Abilene Christian University • 1997-2000 Pre-Med / Exercise Physiology at Tarleton State University –Bachelor of Science Degree • 1998 Certified Stability Ball Trainer • 1998 Certified Personal Trainer – A.F.A.A. (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) • 2001 N.S.C.A.-C.S.C.S., National Strength and Conditioning Association – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist • 2002 N.S.C.A.-C.P.T., Certified Personal Trainer • 2003 C.I.-C.P.T. Cooper Institute-Certified Personal Trainer • 2005 C.I. – Biomechanics certification • 2009 Certified Power Plate instructor Experience • 1997-2000 Manager of the “The Limits” fitness center in Stephenville, TX • 2000-present Professional Fitness Trainer at Cooper Aerobics Center in Dallas • 2002-2004 Health and Fitness Director for “Hill Country Passing Camp” • 2004 Featured in Yoga video “Dynamic Partner Yoga” • 2007-2008 Football-Linebacker/Special Teams coach for Episcopal School of Dallas • 2006-2008 Coach for the Daryl Johnston Football camp • 2006-Present Nutrition and Fitness Presenter for Isagenix International • 2009 Warm up coordinator for A.L.S. walk in Dallas/Ft. Worth

Dr Bruce RippeeDr. Bruce Rippee was born in Augsburg, Germany to native Missourian parents while they were stationed overseas during military duty. When his father retired from a career in the army, Dr. Rippee moved with his two brothers and one sister to Springfield, Missouri, where his parents still reside. He attended Springfield Catholic High School and was active in football, Tae Kwon Do and theater. He graduated unceremoniously, in the middle of his class. Dr. Rippee then attended St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas where he continued his pursuit of Tae Kwon Do, and picked up tennis. He graduated magna cum laude in four years with a B.A. in English writing. After a short stint as a technical writer, he attended SMSU and obtained the appropriate prerequisites to enter into the tri 0 program at Cleveland Chiropractic College. Three years and seven months later, he graduated cum laude from CCC with a doctorate in Chiropractics. Seven months later he purchased Chiropractic Life Center from a duo of doctors who were leaving for Tennessee.

Dr. Rippee began solo practice in 1992 and practiced for almost two years before hiring his first partner. In this case, it was a now famous little, black poodle named Einstein. In 2001, Dr. Chris McClenney joined his practice, and in 2003 he managed to talk the best chiropractor in Liberty, into joining practices. March of 2003, Dr. Wyllie began working at 404 NW Englewood Rd in Gladstone. Dr. Rippee absolutely loves his wife, to whom he has been happily married for more than 10 years and his 3 children : Darren, Stephen and Lindsey. Outside of his health and wellness practice, he lists his other interests as golf, softball and public speaking. You can e-mail Dr. Bruce at