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In my journey I’ve come across some amazing resources that have been a tremendous benefit to maintaining optimal health and wellness for me. While everyone’s needs vary and the things that work for me may not work for everyone, it is my hope that by sharing this information with you, that you can also be alive and thriving!

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Kansas City, MO Residents Receive Top Recognition at Isagenix® International Summit

John and Lori Lober receive Isagenix Recognition

John & Lori Lober

CHANDLER, Ariz. (February 2, 2011) – Kansas City,  MO residents John & Lori Lober were presented with the Personal Excellence Award for inspiring others to improve their health and financial wellness at Isagenix annual New Year Kick Off conference in Phoenix on January 30, 2011. The Lober’s are part of an international nutritional education campaign for the Chandler-based Isagenix International, LLC, which develops and manufactures Nutritional Cleansing and Replenishing™ products and systems through an independent network of distributors in the United States and multiple international markets.

“Receiving the Personal Excellence award is one of our greatest accomplishments of our business lives,” John Lober said. “To have been chosen to represent all of the Associates in Isagenix is a very humbling and inspiring experience. Isagenix has given us, and continues to give, incredible personal and professional fulfillment.”

John and Lori accepted the award in front of other top leaders among the worldwide network of Isagenix Independent Associates at NYKO, receiving a custom-designed crystal award. The annual event also included business and training sessions where the company’s top Associates were honored. Isagenix Associates may advance at any time throughout their career but are formally recognized at its summer “Celebration” event.

Named one of America’s fastest-growing companies by Inc. magazine every year since 2007, Isagenix prides itself in delivering long-term health and financial freedom results. More than 5.4 million pounds and 6.5 million inches have been lost by individuals using Isagenix products in the past seven years. Isagenix has helped more than 200 people lose 100 pounds, more than 10 people lose 200 pounds, two people lose 300 pounds and hundreds of thousands of others lose weight and improve their health and wellness*. Isagenix also offers a business opportunity for individuals that has created more than 50 millionaires, hundreds with six-figure incomes and thousands of others to build residual income**.

For more information about Isagenix, contact local Isagenix Executives, John or Lori Lober at 816-520-0105 or 816-589-2333.


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